Delivering the Best News to you!

While becoming pregnant is wonderful news for many people, there are plenty of reasons why some parents to be might want to keep their big news under wraps – particularly during the initial stages of finding out. Finding the perfect time to tell friends and family that you’re expecting is an incredibly personal decision and in some instances, you may need to keep your news a secret for a long stretch of time.

Some loved ones are far nosier than others, and pregnant women who are looking to keep their news to themselves are often left with the conundrum of how to hide the news from friends and family – particularly at events where the tell-tale signs of pregnancy may arise, like social settings where alcohol is involved.

One mum has shared the ‘genius’ way she kept her pregnancy a secret at social events in a TikTok video that has left viewers amazed.

Tori, who posts on the platform under the social media handle @ _1toripontin, revealed a clever trick that allowed her to pretend to drink alcohol at parties without anyone noticing.

The clip shows the woman emptying a bottle of rose wine into a plastic bottle, before filling it up with squash and and a splash of water and sealing the lid again.

It sounds simple, but the cunning trick is made even more believable as the mum mixes in a squeeze of super concentrated orange squash in order to achieve a near-identical colour to the rose wine she is looking to emulate.

The caption of the video reads: “How i kept my pregnancy a secret through the social events” with a crying face emoji and a laughing emoji.

After racking up more than 530,000 views on the platform, Tori’s video has received praise from fellow TikTok users who branded the hack ‘genius’.

One commenter said: “Blooming genius!” while another added “brilliant” with a clapping emoji and lots of laughing emojis.

Other mums took to the comments section to share their own tips, with one writing: “I did this with water in a vodka bottle, had it with like and soda. My friend tried some and goes ‘wow this is so easy to drink it’s just like water!'”.

Another person added: “I did this but swapped it with alcohol free wine, I found out xmas eve I was pregnant so had to hide it xmas day”.

One woman joked: “Me doing this the other way round at the park with the kids”.

Some commenters were more critical of the hack, with one writing: “This is so weird! Just don’t drink”.