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Antonio Hamilton thankful to have “only” second-degree burns on his feet

The Cardinals placed cornerback Antonio Hamilton on the non-football injury list Thursday after he reportedly had a cooking accident. Hamilton shed light on the situation with a social media post

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Q and A: How early should I be screened for lung cancer?

I am 62 and recently had a physical. My doctor suggested that I should be screened for lung cancer. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day but

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Boeing says it stopped buying aluminum from Russia in March

Boeing Co (BA.N) stopped buying aluminum from Russia in March, the planemaker said late on Tuesday, as it suspended operations in the sanctions-hit country. It is the second important metal

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Modders turn Steam Deck into Wii U GamePad

A group of Steam Deck fans have figured out how to support gyro controls in Wii U emulation, effectively turning Valve’s portable PC into Nintendo’s infamous Wii U GamePad. Steam

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Mum shares ‘genius’ hack for keeping pregnancy secret when offered a glass of wine

While becoming pregnant is wonderful news for many people, there are plenty of reasons why some parents to be might want to keep their big news under wraps – particularly

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