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Brits are feeling the squeeze amid the cost of living crisis with prices soaring.

But some regions are currently worse off than others, and it’s not just London that is topping the rankings for expenditure.

While the likes of Kensington and Chelsea are considered the most expensive for both rent and house prices, Merseyside and North Wales charge the highest for electricity.

And those living in Nottingham are on average paying most in Band D council tax.

On the flip side, East Ayshire is the cheapest for rent and Inverclyde is the lowest for house prices.

Westminster, meanwhile, is cheapest for Band D council tax.

In fact, the difference between the most expensive local authority and the cheapest for tax is £1,397.

Using figures compiled in a new study by, below are the regions paying the highest and lowest when it comes to rent, house prices, electricity, gas and council tax.

It comes ahead of a huge spike in energy bills this winter and inflation at a 40-year high.

Ofgem last week confirmed its October price cap will hit £3,549 – a rise of £1,578 from its current level of £1,971.

The huge jump will add more pressure on to families who are already struggling – with campaigners fearing many will be pushed below the poverty line.

Meanwhile, inflation is now at 10.1 per cent – the highest since February 1982 – prompting the Bank of England to raise interest rates to 1.75 per cent to try and get a hold of rising costs.

Most expensive regions for rent

Kensington and Chelsea £2,971
City of Westminster £2,597
Camden £2,274

Least expensive regions for rent

East Ayrshire £456
Hartlepool £471
North Ayrshire £483

Most expensive regions for electricity

Merseyside & North Wales £807
Northern Ireland £699
South West £796

Least expensive regions for electricity

East Midlands £747
North Scotland £793
North West £748

Most expensive regions for gas

London £581
Southern £575
South West £574

Least expensive regions for gas

North East £538
Yorkshire £542
East Midlands £542

Most expensive regions for council tax

Nottingham £2,226
Dorset £2,223
Rutland £2,195

Least expensive regions for council tax

Westminster £829
Wandsworth £845
City of London £1,049