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Nicola Barrand-Haig always wanted to be a mum. The 47-year-old from Leicestershire spent years dreaming of becoming a mother, and after meeting her husband, Nick, 47, seven years ago, hoped her dream would finally come true.

But the path hasn’t been easy, as Nicola suffered three miscarriages, a failed round of NHS IVF treatments, as well as private IVF treatments costing £8,500. However, in February of this year, Nicola was shocked to discover she’d conceived naturally – after a clairvoyant assured her it would happen.

Nicola said: “I’ve always wanted to be a mum, but before Nick, I never met the right person to have children with.

“Nick and I met over Tinder in February 2015 and started trying for a baby seven months later. We both knew we were getting older and really wanted kids before we reached an age where we couldn’t anymore.

“There was always a worry about menopause too, so the race to be able to get pregnant before that happened was on!

“We went to the doctors a year later as we realised nothing was happening, and it was upsetting for us.

“As we were both below 42 at the time, we were allowed to go ahead with a course of IVF through the NHS – which we did whilst wedding planning – as I wouldn’t have minded being pregnant during our wedding ceremony!

“It was a full-on IVF fail and it was really heart-breaking.

“We kept trying to conceive naturally but decided to have IVF again privately in 2019, which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at about seven weeks.

“We then conceived naturally on two separate occasions but suffered two miscarriages, both at seven weeks.

“Each miscarriage hit me differently, and I had a whole range of emotions, from feeling empty to overwhelming sadness.”

Nicola, an asset management assistant, from Wistow, and Nick, also considered adoption and finding a donor.

She added: “We looked into adoption, but part of the process meant we’d have had to stop trying to conceive naturally, and that’s not something we wanted to do.

“In 2021 our private consultant advised us our only chance at our age would be to use donor eggs and do IVF at an additional cost of £15,000.

“We registered on the list, paid our non-refundable deposit and got to the stage of choosing our donor but just after Christmas we had a heart-to-heart and neither of us really wanted to use a donor, so we decided to keep trying naturally.

“I felt like they’d given up on us due to our age, but I was determined.”

Being a spiritual person at heart, Nicola even went to visit a clairvoyant who predicted children in her future.

She said: “I’m a very grounded, spiritual, peaceful, kind person who is passionate about nature, wildlife, and conservation, and truly believe having a positive mindset is so important, as how you feel can ultimately affect your life

“I was quite shocked when the clairvoyant I see told me I’d be pregnant by February 2022, and how she didn’t see just one, but two babies in my future.

“I was even more shocked when her prediction came true, after I noticed my period was late in January.

“I took a pregnancy test and could barely believe it when the faint line appeared.”

Nicola spent weeks nervously hoping her pregnancy would be healthy and successful, but despite her worries, was eager to tell family and friends early on.

She continued: “I can’t believe I’m going to have a baby boy; it’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, but hope is what has ultimately kept us going through this journey.

“At first, we didn’t dare to get our hopes up about our pregnancy, as we both assumed/expected it to end like the other three.

“But when we announced the news to family and friends, everyone was so happy for us – and my mum is super excited to have another grandchild around.

“I know there were some friends and family who were worried it might never happen for us, but they’ve been so surprised we’ve finally got to this point at almost 33 weeks pregnant.

“Our baby is due in October and Nick has already been joking we need to have another one straight after to fulfil the prediction!”