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A dog owner claims she can see the face of Voldemort inside her pooch’s ears. Amelia Robertson, 34, had never noticed anything unusual about her Italian greyhound Jasmine until recently, when she spotted the folds of skin inside her ears bizarrely resemble Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort.

Amelia, from Brighton, thinks about the faces – which some people have said look like old men or Dobby – whenever she snuggles up to her innocent pet. Six-year-old Jasmine’s creepy ears even pick up filters on social media designed to identify faces.

The dog lover said: “Unsettled is the only word for it. It springs to mind every time I kiss her gorgeous little face and get close to her ears.

“And with her face being so teeny tiny that’s every time.”

Affectionately nicknamed Jazzy, the pooch has become a hit on TikTok with her big sister Rose the six-year-old chihuahua.

Their newfound fame is what brought Jasmine’s eerie ears to Amelia’s attention, as fans rushed to the comments to point them out.

She said: “People on TikTok are increasingly creative and horrifying with their descriptions of what these haunted faces might say or what their intentions could be.

“The leading theories on what they look like are Voldemort, Dobby, old men and Gru.

“The ‘trapped souls of old men’ as they’ve been described is more than enough for me!”

Amelia describes Jasmine as “the most wonderful dog” with a gentle and loving personality.

“[She] likes to be the little spoon – except of course this leaves me face to ear with our newly discovered spooky friends,” Amelia said.

Videos of Jasmine’s ears have garnered thousands of views and invited a number of theories from fans.

One said: “The faces kind of remind me of Lord Voldemort on the back of Quirell’s head,” whilst another wrote: “She’s trapped the souls of old men in her ears.”

Some think the faces have “made eye contact with their soul”.

One fan asked: “Do you think Jasmine knows there are people living in her ears?”

Amelia’s favourite theory is that they look like Harry Potter house elf Dobby because Jasmine herself looks like him.

However, plenty of people have been quick to jump to Jasmine’s defence.

They have asked Amelia to remind her pooch that she is beautiful no matter who lives in her ears.